MobiOne - iPhone emulator

MobiOne Studio - the iPhone app and web app designer and iPhone test center with iPhone emulator working on PC that enables you to create, customize and run iPhone user interfaces in minutes, not day. MobiOne Studio is a mobile internet application development tool that allows user to quickly mock up, test and socialize iPhone and Palm Pre applications. Code, test, debug, package and deploy mobile Web applications, all without extensive technical know-how.
Design Center
Visual Designer (WYSIWYG layout)
30+ UI components
Design templates
60+ free iPhone app icons
Code generation (currently HTML5)
Test on Test Center iPhone emulator
Test on your iPhone via cloud service

 Test Center
iPhone emulator
Pre emulator
Multi-touch, gestures, orientation
PhoneGap API
Live edit & update of local & remote resources
Inspector: DOM, local data, JavaScript, CSS

Try MobiOne today and learn how you already have the skills and resources to program for popular mobile devices. It's more simple than you think at HomePage:
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